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Paris, Texas
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 September 24, 2018  

Team sports is our passion!

Williams’ Sporting Goods
- Since 1945 -

Williams' Sporting Goods is ready to equip your team from head to toe!
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We are your team sport specialists! When Williams’ Sporting Goods was established in October 1945, Mr. Williams sold hunting, fishing and camping items (as well as sports equipment). Since then we have evolved to the point where we are focused almost exclusively on team sports. What are team sports? They are the sports schools play (football, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, power lifting, and a host of others). We sell primarily to schools, little leagues and other sports organizations but also appreciate our business and retail customers. For more than 70 years we have been supplying all types of teams and individuals with the latest in apparel and sports equipment and we look forward to continuing this tradition.

How do we do this? We have three roadmen who cover northeast Texas and southeastern Oklahoma as well as an in store Team Sales force to take and process orders. We also screen print and embroider at our store and have a graphic artist on our staff to produce custom art just for your team or activity.

We are also extremely competitive when it comes to price. We are members of a nation-wide buying group called the Athletic Dealers of America (ADA). Membership in the ADA enables us to band together with other dealers from across the United States, Canada and even the Bahamas to obtain the best possible access to the latest sporting goods and the lowest possible price.

Finally, we recognize the most important aspect of our business is customer service and our goal is to provide the absolute best service to you. While we are not perfect, we strive to be and will do our utmost to take care of you, our customer. Whether it’s custom uniforms, protective equipment or the ball to kick off the season, Williams’ Sporting Goods is ready to supply you from head to toe. Check out our contacts page for how to reach us!

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